A Swedish home with cosy textiles

By | September 14, 2015


One day at home and I’m back on the early morning train to the IKEA headquarters to see their latest range – busy (but exciting) days! Fortunately I’ve got something to keep me awake and feel inspired on the train – this Gothenburg home. Unlike yesterday’s home tour, this one has been staged for sale (by the talented Emma Fischer). I know only too well that styling is a tricky business and requires a delicate balance. And Emma’s use of chunky knit blankets, touches of light wood and the ‘relaxed’ look make for a lovely, cosy home. I could certainly see myself padding around here, how about you?

Source: Emma Fischer / Bjurfors

It’s amazing what a difference the textiles make in this space – after all the shell is actually very modern and angular.

And if my girls see that bed canopy….. (for the record – it’s by Numero 74).

As always, a few items I know and love: kitchen – Flowerpot VP1 pendant. Sitting room – this chunky knit blanket is similar (soooo cosy!). Bedroom – knot cushion (these are beautiful too), wishbone chair, linen throw. Children’s bedroom – Hay cushion, Muuto wood lamp.

At Paris design week (see a few of my highlights here) I was invited to hear more about an exciting project (which I’ll tell you more about in the next couple of days) over a delicious Finnish breakfast (well, if I must….)…and it had me dreaming about Finnish summer cottage life, which this video clip sums up beautifully.

If I’ve got you in the mood for Finland – here’s my  Finnish summer cottage archive – pour that coffee, block the calendar!
Have a lovely day!

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