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By | July 25, 2015

zhengtichuguichang.comI am off to pick up Matty from the airport so I only have time for a quick post….He’s sounding pretty spent after spending a week in Rio at the Olympics. I’m sure he was partying it up a bit! 

As I’ve mentioned, I’m getting my home ready to be photographed this Fall!!!  I’ll move onto the outside revamp next summer and possibly an addition after that. I desperately need a mudroom! I also have been searching high and low for a wallpaper for the small bathroom off of my bedroom. I needed to incorporate the colors in my home and in the existing bedroom with my paper choice. I often choose wallpapers first but I originally had just painted my bathroom.

Here’s my choice – Paradise Found by Anthropologie! (Even the name is cool – hehe)
 My bedroom has pink, white, navy and blue in it! This paper should compliment it perfectly. I also have a green velvet bench that I am dying to use in the space!! I’ll keep you posted on the status photos.  Anthro also opened a new store near my home at Derby Shops in Hingham! I’m thrilled to have one close by.

And how I would LOVE a new mudroom to look: (image via Traditional Home)

I’d add a fun herringbone floor but the built in details are fabulous!!

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